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Humbled by the partnerships with amazing Sonoma County wine producers and inspired by the continued drive and sacrifice to make something that is unforgettable…Region is more than a space, more than a defined area – it’s a lifestyle, a belief in hiking to your own beat, on your own trail, on the hunt for that exceptional view, while having the very best company by your side.

Whether it’s in your glass or sitting at the table with new or old friends – Drink Your Region!

Crushing grapes

Wine is not made to be judged, drink what you like and find it here!

Showcasing some of the best wines from 14 appellations – by the taste, by the glass and by the bottle.

In a space as unique as the wine, you will have two options. In one room you can experience 50 wines in self-serving WineStation machines, in the other we offer the traditional wine tasting experience with hand pouring bottle service from the Winemakers themselves. Each week the wine-tasting bar rotates to one of our 25 Wineries – Monday thru Sunday will be a new experience. See our Events page for a full schedule.

Our Team

Brought together through our community and the love for the craft of those who make exceptional wine, we have partnered with wineries who believe in a raw and honest winemaking approach – showcasing our Region.

Our Winery Partners

In a space as unique as the wine, we invite you to visit and share the experience with your friends and family – because it’s our friends and family who made it.