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WINEMAKER: Timothy Milos

Can anything else taste as sweet as immortality? Of all earth’s creatures, only the immortal jellyfish lives on forever. As winemakers, we can aspire to create a wine that will stand the test of time. By dedicating ourselves to excellence in our pursuit of a wine that pairs infinitely well withe life’s finest moments, we hope to create memories that will last forever. 

With every vintage crafted, we invite you to sip, savor and create your own immortal moments.

2014 Impassable
Cabernet Sauvignon


Individual barrels are selected from our finest lots each year to compose the Impassable Mountain. Two lots from the upper ridgeline were selected for their power and pure expression of our unique terroir. This vintage is a study in focus and purity, and the concentration and structure will allow it to evolve and unfold for decades to come. This inimitable wine shows dense characters both savory and sweet: black fruit, raspberry, vanilla, clove, cocoa nib, tarragon, cedar, black tea, in endless recursive layers of flavor and texture.


2016 Slope Cabernet Sauvingon


Layers of black fruit, cherry, dried cranberries, spicecake, interwoven with sweet pipe tobacco, dark muscovado sugar, cocoa powder, raspberry leaf and hibiscus tea. Concentrated and intense, this mountainside Cabernet entices with its sweet fruit, supple palate and rich complexity. Accessible in its youth, it will continue to evolve for decades.